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We are putting together a book of Steve Richmond's poetry. He was closely associated with Bukowski. If you'd be interested in helping us with this project, please go here...

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So you come here with your hand out, looking for money, while elsewhere you say things about us like, "Yeah they were assholes [...] Idolatry knows no bounds," and "Forums are rife with trolls."

I've got an idea - go get your non-troll, non-asshole "friends" to pony up the dough for your project. Good luck with that.

You can't have it both ways.
Really. They meaning the whole board? Or just certain individuals. Good luck with your Buk circle jerk while not giving a shit about the history. Good luck with that as well.
If its about history, Mr Nowhere, how about just collecting the poems and making them available on line for free. For the historians and stuff :nw:. And then you can make a donations page, so people can give money to you. Wait, no I meant him... So people can give money to HIM ... THE WRITER ...

Sorry I'm terrible at explaining things to people who are oblivious. Of course if someone who likes his work is going to give money to someone, it would be to him - ie the person DOING THE WORK. Or, if you get your act together and MAKE A BOOK of his work, maybe then people would give you some money. You know, for HAVING DONE WORK. Either way, Steve Richmond has written some good ones. So if you have rights to some of his poems, sharing them would be appropriate.
Wow. I'm sorry about that Steve, wherever you are. Hopefully some folks will do us a good turn and open up the vaults and let us dig a few more of your ink stains one of these days.

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