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I haven't seen this before. Are you guys referring to the book by Daniel Leen? If so, do you know which one of these editions has the INTRO by BUK?!:

The Freighthoppers Manual for North America: Hoboing in the 21st Century (1992)
The Freighthoppers Manual for North America: Hoboing in the 1980s (1979)
The Freighthoppers Manual for North America (1978)
The Freighthopper's Manual for North America (Hoboing in the 1980'S)
this edition has a BUKOWSKI 'blurb' on the back cover. If you don't want to buy it, here's the quote...

"If you intend to ride the rods, reading this might save your life or a couple of your legs or all the sundry agonies.".
just the blurb on the back... i initially thought he wrote the introduction (unless I'm wrong...), but I inquired about a copy and the dealer said the only BUK related part was the back quote...
I remember reading somewhere about that photo. It was, of course, staged -- Buk wasn't in the habit of riding the rails at that period in his life and it's not a snapshot someone just happened to take as he was leaving town. If I remember correctly, he wasn't in great shape at the time and it was struggle for him to get up there and hang on long enough for the picture to be taken. But still, you gotta love it for the attitude.

Googling, I find it was mjp, citing Neeli Cherry, in this thread:

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