Buk, Post Punk and the cult of Celebrity. (1 Viewer)

Howya there

A story from a guy in California in the 80's about settting up a Post Punk mag and trying to wooo Buk to contribute.

There's a nice twist to the end.

Buk liked to live his own life and escape the curse of fame.
He wanted to live off the everyday and ordinary.

Qoutes from Taylor Hackfords 1973 film Bukowski part 5 on youtube.
(At the track)
'Don't talk to or bother me and I won't bother you.
(Back at home)
Guys marchin in on me with cameras and shit....
Somehow I almost felt it.....knew it.
They got to me too late.
I don't think I can be destroyed.I'm too strong.
They came too late with too little.
The Gods have really put a good shield over me...
They really have.
I've been toughened up at the right time.
They have been good to me,they really have.
They're still good to me.
I've got it.
Roll on 2013 and enjoy it.

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