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I was watching a documentary about social media "poetry" and one of the women was saying she wondered how certain writers would have implemented social media sites in the self publication of their poetry, one of the names she mention was Bukowski and this got me thinking. Do you think he would have self published poems on social media sites like Instagram or poetry based social media sites like hello poetry or poetizer? I've been thinking about this for a few weeks and think maybe after a few drinks he would take a picture of a typed manuscript and put it up, then I think that maybe he wouldn't share the work without compensation or he might detest the poems on the sites so much that he would want to make some commentary on them as a whole. What do you think Bukowski would do with social media. If anything, and do you think he might put some of his poetry up online if he had the chance?
do you think he might put some of his poetry up online if he had the chance?
well, he always detested the habit of some underground writers publishing each other in their little mags no matter the quality just to get published themselves. So I guess the sheer possibility to get something published just anyway without a sort of quality-management would not have attracted him.

Guess why he never self-published a broadside even at the times when the possibility to do so was pretty cheap and effortless.


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But we have to consider that Bukowski always embraced new technology that made the job of writing easier for him. Electric typewriters, computers. There are people today who refuse to type their literature on computers, but Bukowski was doing it in 1990. When he was 70 years old. He thought it was the greatest thing that ever happened to typing. Which, of course, it was.

So if he had lived long enough to plug that computer into a modem? I don't know, but I think he would have been amazed at the possibilities. Would he have taken advantage of the internet and the web himself? I doubt he'd find learning how to work all the gears worth his time. But his new work would have appeared all over the web, because online "publishers" would have asked him for submissions.
I'm with you, that he'd be available to publish online, but I doubt he'd do, what could be considered "self-publishing".

I'd guess one of his friends, fans, publishers, (etc) would ask him to make this for him and he'd agree. Like, yeah, go on kid, if you think it's any worth, but just don't bother me with this shit.

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