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Bukowski at PBA Galleries July 14th

Pogue Mahone

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Ski, happy dreams about getting stuck in an elevator with no cell phone reception... and then the fat lady farts.


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LotItemEstimate....Sold for
1Aftermath of a Lengthy Rejection Slip300-5000
2All the Assholes in the World and Mine500-800300
3Alone in a Time of Armies150-250140
4As Buddha Smiles150-250110
5At Terror Street and Agony Way200-300160
6At Terror Street and Agony Way4000-60003250
7“French Quarter, N.O., LA”150-2500
8Betting on the Muse: Poems & Stories600-900500
9Between the Earthquake, the Volcano and the Leopard100-1500
10The Bluebird100-15060
11Bone Palace Ballet, New Poems500-800275
12Bring Me Your Love250-350400
13The Bukowski / Purdy Letters: 1964-1974250-350200
14A Bukowski Sampler-inscribed200-300700
15Burning in Water Drowning Flame2500-35002750
16The Captain is Out to Lunch and the Sailors Have Taken Over the Ship400-600400
17The Captain is Out to Lunch and the Sailors Have taken Over the Ship300-500150
18Chilled Green300-500150
19Cold Dogs in the Courtyard-inscribed800-12001300
20Confessions of a Coward100-1500
21Confessions of a Man Insane Enough to Live with Beasts300-500225
23Crucifix in a Deathhand300-500325
24The Curtains are Waving and People Walking Through the Afternoon Here and in Berlin...1000-1500850
25Dangling in the Tournefortia1200-18002000
26Darkness & Ice1000-1500700
27The Day It Snowed in L.A.-deluxe lettered copy300-500550
28The Days Run Away Like Wild Horses Over the Hills3000-50003500
29Dear Mr. Bukowski2500-35001300
30Dear Mr. Bukowski250-350130
31Eight broadside poems by Bukowski250-3500
32Erections, Ejaculations, Exhibitions and General Tales of Ordinary Madness100-15050
33Face of a Political Candidate on a Street Billboard300-5000
35Factotum-Broadside Announcement200-300180
36Fire Station400-600500
37Flower, Fist and Bestial Wail-inscribed4000-60004250
38The Genius of the Crowd6000-90005000
39Ham on Rye3000-50003250
40Ham on Rye-signed review copy with drawing300-500475
41Heat Wave-deluxe lettered copy1200-18004000
42His Wife, The Painter250-350150
45Hollywood-uncorrected proof300-500160
47Horsemeat Pferdefleisch-Signed200-300180
48Hot Water Music2000-30002250
49Hot Water Music-inscribed with original drawings200-300325
51If You Let Them Kill You, They Will150-250150
52In the Shadow of the Rose300-500350
53In the Shadow of the Rose200-300160
54It Catches My Heart in its Hands: New & Selected Poems 1955-1963800-1200600
55The Last Night of the Earth Poems600-900475
56The Last Night of the Earth Poems600-900400
57The Laughing Heart100-1500
58Living on Luck: Selected Letters 1960s-1970's, Volume 2400-600250
59Longshot Poems for Broke Players-signed2000-30003500
60Love is a Dog From Hell-signed advance review copy150-250275
61Love is a Dog from Hell, Poems 1974-19772000-30002750
62Love Poem to Marina200-300170
63A man who can beat the horses can do anything he makes up his mind to do300-500300
64Mockingbird Wish Me Luck2000-30002250
65Mockingbird Wish Me Luck-Broadside Announcement300-500190
66The Movie: Barfly400-600650
67The Movie: Barfly200-300190
68A New War100-1500
69The Night Torn Mad with Footsteps: New Poems250-350190
70The Night Torn Mad with Footsteps: New Poems100-15080
71A Note Upon a Workshop Instructor with Tiny Hairs Under His Chin700-1000600
72Notes of a Dirty Old Man100-150110
73Open All Night, New Poems300-500170
74Pink Silks100-1500
75Play the Piano Drunk Like a Percussion Instrument... Broadside announcement300-500250
76Play the Piano Drunk Like a Percussion Instrument...300-500550
77Play the Piano Drunk Like a Percussion Instrument... signed review copy200-300275
78Poems Written Before Jumping Out an 8 Story Window-inscribed200-300140
80Poems Written Before Jumping Out of an 8 Story Window150-250120
81Popcorn in the Dark100-1500
82Post Office4000-60004750
83The Previously Unpublished Poem Poop [and] 13 Colour Photographs, 1979-1992150-25080
85Pulp-confidential advance typescript300-5000
86Pulp-review copy200-3000
87Reach for the Sun: Selected Letters Volume 3 1978-1994100-150110
89Relentless as the Tarantula200-300450
90The Roominghouse Madrigals: Early Selected Poems, 1946-66600-900400
91Run with the Hunted2000-30002000
92Run with the Hunted: A Charles Bukowski Reader-one of 26 copies1000-1500750
94Screams from the Balcony: Selected Letters, 1960-1970400-600400
95Septuagenarian Stew: Stories & Poems700-1000550
96Septuagenarian Stew: Stories and Poems-uncorrected proof100-15050
97Seven uncorrected proofs by or about Charles Bukowski150-250150
98Shakespeare Never Did This400-6000
99Shakespeare Never Did This300-500350
100Shakespeare Never Did This-3 different issues200-300150
101The Simple Truth100-1500
102The Simple Truth (3), plus other items from the estate of Michael Montfort300-500150
103The Singer100-1500
104Talking to My Mailbox200-300225
105There's No Business-two editions200-300325
107Three Poems400-600250
108Three Poems400-600200
109To Lean Back Into It100-1500
110Twenty New Year's greetings from Black Sparrow Press featuring Charles Bukowski1000-15002000
1112 Poems-inscribed500-800600
112War All the Time: Poems 1981-19842500-35003750
113War All the Time: Poems 1981-1984-inscribed200-300225
114We Ain't Got No Money, Honey, But We Got Rain150-250140
115Weather Report300-500190
116The Wedding2000-30002500
119You Get So Alone at Times That It Just Makes Sense400-600475
120You Get So Alone at Times That it Just Makes Sense300-500375
121You Get So Alone at Times That it Just Makes Sense-inscribed with original drawing200-300275
122You Kissed Lilly400-600650
123Laugh Literary and Man the Humping Guns – complete, all 3 issues250-350375
124The Earth Rose 1: Fuck Hate200-3000
125Tales of Ordinary Madness – movie screenplay adapted from the stories of Charles Bukowski200-300425
126Bukowski: The King of San Pedro150-250100
127Ole Nos. 1-3-early Bukowski appearances200-300375
128Charles Bukowski wedding invitation and memorial service leaflet200-300130
129Hank: The Life of Charles Bukowski200-300120
130Odyssey: Explorations in Contemporary Poetry and the Arts, Vol. II, No. 1100-150110
131Existaria, September-October 1957-early Bukowski appearance150-250160
132City Lights Journal-Numbers One to Four100-20050
133Fifteen pieces of Charles Bukowski related ephemera300-500150
134Five Charles Bukowski related items-two signed by Bukowski200-300150
135Five periodicals featuring the work of Charles Bukowski300-5000
136Four Issues of Targets featuring Charles Bukowski-one signed600-9001100
137Four volumes of poetry with introductions by Charles Bukowski-one signed by Bukowski150-25090
138Gallows nos. one and two-early Bukowski appearances150-250300
139Seven issues of Hearse with work by Charles Bukowski500-800250
140Let's Have Some Fun. [in X-Ray Broadside of the Month Club 2005]100-15060
141104 issues of Wormwood Review-all with contributions by Bukowski, several signed1500-2000850
142The Iris Prints1000-1500550
144Bukowski: 24 Photographs, 1977-1987-One of 26 Lettered Copies700-1000375
145Bukowski: Photographs 1977-1991800-1200400
146Nine Issues of Onthebus with the work of Charles Bukowski100-15050
147Nine periodicals from the 1970's featuring work by Charles Bukowski200-300110
148Nine Volumes about Charles Bukowski150-2500
149Nineteen issues of underground poetry magazines from the 1950's-1970's300-500160
150Blowing My Hero250-350130
151Promotional production notes for the movie Barfly100-15050
152Earth Rose-signed by the author and Charles Bukowski200-300100
153Hitler Painted Roses-Signed100-1500
154Das Jarhbuch der Charles Bukowski-Gesellschaft-Four Issues100-15050
155Seven volumes about Charles Bukowski published by Sun Dog Press100-15050
156The Sword. [in Emigre 8: Alienation.]200-3000
157Ten Bukowski related newsprint publications150-25080
158Ten publications from the 1960's featuring work by Charles Bukowski200-300275
159Three adult magazines featuring Charles Bukowski100-15050
160Three anthologies featuring Charles Bukowski100-15050
161Three Bukowski related poetry chapbooks150-25080
162Three comic magazines featuring the work of Charles Bukowski100-15050
163Three issues of Trace-with contributions by or concerning Charles Bukowski150-2500
164Twelve periodicals featuring the work of Charles Bukowski-two signed200-300190
165Two periodicals featuring the work of Charles Bukowski-signed200-300375
166The Outsider, Nos. 1-5, complete400-600425
167Writers Outside the Margin-1 of 12 hardcover copies300-500275
168Coffin 12000-30001500
169Peace Amongst the Ants200-3000
170Portfolio III [With: 20 Tanks from Kasseldown]700-1000350
171Aftermath of a Lengthy Rejection Slip [in] Story: The Magazine of the Short Story-Vol. XXIV, No. 1061000-1500750
172Poems & Insults!10-100120
173Poems and Drawings-In Epos: A Quarterly of Poetry, Extra Issue, 1962-inscribed1200-18001100
174Prospectus for Horsemeat-inscribed150-250190
175Ten Black Sparrow Press broadside announcements for works by Bukowski300-500150
176Three LP records featuring Charles Bukowski-one signed150-250500
177Three VHS recordings featuring Charles Bukowski-one signed200-300100
178#1-fax poem, one of ten copies, numbered and initialed by John Martin of Black Sparrow Press1000-15001400
1792 Horsecollars-original typewritten poem500-800325
180Ah, Modernity-original typewritten poem600-9001300
181And A Few Poems of Murder and Mud for Your Laughs, Vie They-original typewritten poem700-10001100
182Ariel-original typewritten poem500-8001600
183Black Sun Black-original typewritten poem300-500400
184Burning Bright-original typewritten poem300-500325
185Confessions of a Coward and Man-hater-original early typewritten manuscript3000-50004000
186Conversation With A Lady Sipping A Straight Shot-original typewritten poem600-9001300
187Cooperation-original typewritten poem400-600350
188A Dollar for Carl Larsen-original typewritten manuscript, unpublished3000-50007500
189The First Love-original typewritten poem600-900425
190From Shakespeare to Garbo-original typewritten poem500-8001400
191The Fucking Horses-original typewritten poem300-500550
192Gothic And Etc.-original typewritten poem200-300300
193Group of 6 typed poems on carbon from the 1970's, each signed2000-30003250
194Hooked-original typewritten poem500-800350
195It Doesn't Take a Lion to Make a Man Scream-unpublished poem handwritten on index card200-300800
196Love And Courage-original typewritten poem400-600350
197The Man She Saw at the Racetrack-original typewritten poem500-800325
198My Style-original typewritten poem300-500350
199Notes Of A Dirty Old Man-original 6 page typewritten manuscript, signed3000-50004750
200On Getting Famous and Being Asked: Can You Recite? - original typewritten poem500-8001200
201The Princess Tina-original typewritten poem300-500350
202A Problem of Temperament-original typewritten poem500-8001800
203Red-manuscript poem, signed by Red Stoldolsky200-300400
204The Red Porsche-original typewritten poem600-900400
205Self-Destruction-original typewritten poem500-8001800
206Spring Swan-original typewritten poem500-8002250
207The Strangest Sight You Ever Did See-original typewritten poem500-800650
208Too Late-manuscript typewritten poem200-300325
209The Voice Of The Bukowski-original typewritten poem500-800425
210Water the Plants-original typewritten poem400-600375
211Where to Put it-manuscript poem200-300225
212Your Own Toilet-original typewritten poem500-800500
214Handwritten letter to Al Berlinski300-500425
215Handwritten letter to Al Berlinski200-300300
216Handwritten letters to Al Berlinski250-350325
217Handwritten note to E.V. Griffith with drawing300-500190
218Ten typed letters, signed, to Al Berlinski1200-18002250
219Two handwritten letters to Al Berlinski250-350150
220Typed Letter, signed, to E.V. Griffith500-800325
221Typed letter, signed, to E.V. Griffith500-800750
222Typed Letter, signed, to E.V. Griffith500-800275
223Typed Letter, signed, to E.V. Griffith300-500150
224Typed Letter, signed, to E.V. Griffith600-900375
225Typed Letter, signed, to E.V. Griffith300-500225
226Typed Letter, signed, to E.V. Griffith200-300100
227Typed letter, signed, to E.V. Griffith500-800250
228Typed letter, signed, to E.V. Griffith200-3000
229Typed Letter, signed, to E.V. Griffith200-300130
230Typed letter, signed, to E.V. Griffith-with drawing300-500950
231Typed letter, signed, to E.V. Griffith-with signed receipt for payment of accepted poems700-10001600
232Typed letter, signed, to Jon Griffith200-300130
233Typed letter, signed, to Jon Griffith dated Oct. 29, 19621000-15001000
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our buyer's premium is competitive with or lower than most other specialty auction houses...
Let's take a look at what that means for this particular auction.

Total bids: $157,185
PBA takes 15% (the cut they take from the seller) off the top of that total, which is $23,577.75
The "competitive" PBA buyer's "premium" of 20% is $31,437.00
PBA total take: $55,014.75

Using that total bid amount, let's compare the auction house take of 35% on the sale of any given item to, say, a real estate agent, who does roughly an equal amount of "work" and makes about 6% on a sale.

When a real estate agent sells a house for $157,185 they make $9,431.10 on the sale, which comes out of the seller's cut. They charge the home buyer no "premium."

Now, if PBA sold your $157,185 house using their standard auction fees, they'd take $23,577.75 from the seller's cut, and charge the buyer a "premium" price of $188,622 for the $157,185 house.

Is that justifiable? I don't know. Does the auction house provide a more valuable service than a real estate agent? Do they do more work to sell something?

Those are rhetorical questions, but thanks for playing!
oh man, why am i doing all this work? i have 188710 total, did you remove the premiums?
buk auction

anyway, pba uses value optimized pricing strategy and they sure offer more value than EVERY real estate agent ive ever known.


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did you remove the premiums?
I didn't remove the premiums, you added them. ;) I'm listing the bid amounts.
they sure offer more value than EVERY real estate agent ive ever known.
PBA offers an audience, which is the same thing a good "specialty" (high-end) real estate agent offers. That's all they offer. If you think that audience justifies taking 35% of the sale of an item (more than most states will allow pawn shops to charge in interest), that's your prerogative.

unlike Cosby who mostly uses 'ludes.
I was going to make a rape joke, but my attorney wouldn't let me. I wouldn't have thought to tie it to Cosby though. That's where your superior comedy chops shine through.
The prices i pulled from the site are the hammer price, they are not the purchase price which includes the hammer price, buyer’s premiuma and California state and local sales taxes.


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Hmm. Well, I sat there for more than four hours entering every winning bid amount into a spreadsheet as it was happening, but I suppose I could be wrong.


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I meant to ask if anyone had spreadsheets (or just raw data similar to what we have below) for older auction results. So now here, six months later, I'm asking. Does anyone keep those?

I was considering adding sales prices to the database if there was data from enough auctions to make it worthwhile...
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Yes, those pages are just the raw material though. It would take a lot of time to get them into spreadsheets (which makes the database entries a little easier). I was hoping someone may have already done that for their own purposes.

I also see some stumbling blocks that I didn't consider before, like the variations - 5 or 6 or more different versions of something like Shakespeare Never Did This, for instance, which all have to exist as separate items in the database. Just makes it more complicated than I initially thought it might be.

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Managing a database is complicated enough; toss in poem title changes and various variants and you're buggered. Then again, you might like that; who am I to judge? :wb: