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Which stuff did he win at the PBA auction that he's now got up on eBay? I see he's got a Purdy book up now, but that's a different copy. What am I missing?
Scott is an even-handed and fair seller, but honestly, he's a bit of a kook too. Like many among us.
Ok, maybe I AM an asshole, but I got my PBA books last night and while I was tremendously excited to open them, I was surprised to find the condition of the Pulp as being much lower than what I expected.

In the listing it said, "A touch rubbed at board edges; near fine." Am I crazy to think this is a bit more than 'a touch' rubbed?


In at least one place you can see the board under the paper, and in another the paper is pretty separated.

I'm planning on writing the folks at PBA to point this out to them. It's one of the problems of merely listing one or two pictures, and then only of the guts.

Am I crazy though? Am I being overly sensitive or nit picky? Anyone else have anything like this?

Sorry to see that. Way more than a "touch rubbed." Received the items I'd won today and luckily had no issues with incorrect grading. Yeah, I'd call/write them if I were you.
It's one of the problems of merely listing one or two pictures, and then only of the guts.

That is very unfortunate, Kilgore. In this day and age, there is no reason to not list 10-20 pics - IMO.

So what will come of the unsold lots? "Days" didn't even get a bid. I'd express my interest online but if my squaw happens to read this, I am a dead man...

I think Lot #305 is the real deal. The last book published by BSP. Absolute dynamite. Powerful images by Montfort, I felt like I was in the room with the guy flipping through them...
I sent an email to Shannon at PBA last night and received a prompt response this morning. He agreed the grading was incorrect and offered to either refund the BP or refund the entire purchase price upon return receipt of the book. Despite my initial frustration with the situation, I feel like this is a good resolution, and I'm pleased with the whole deal. I mean, I'd be more please if I had a near fine presentation copy of Pulp, but I'll take this too.

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