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Bukowski, Charles. The Last Night of the Earth Poems. Signed, First Edition with Silk Screen Print by the Author. (1 Viewer)

Bukowski, Charles. The Last Night of the Earth Poems. Black Sparrow Press. 1992. Santa Rosa. First Edition, Limited Edition 42/225. Signed by Author on limitation page with doodle. 7 X 9.5; pp. 15-405.

The twilight poetry of America’s premier dark poet. The Last Night of the Earth Poems greets readers with the expected melancholy associated with Bukowski but with a hopeful after-taste that comes with age. The arenas of rebellion and rowdiness that once set the stage for Bukowski’s poetry have become quiet stages for gut-wrenching honesty. The author injects humour into a sad acceptance of his own mortality and the world left behind.

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