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The Last Night Of The Earth Poems lettered copy for sale (1 Viewer)

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Hey all.

Like chronic, and most everyone else (unless you belong to the billionaire boy club) I'm in financial straits too. Hooray.
Unfortunately, I'm forced to part with this gem I bought from Scott awhile back, about a year or so ago.
Never been read. Just been sitting on the shelf, admired at from afar.
Selling it in the same condition as it was received.


"Last Night Of The Earth Poems" Lettered copy, signed w/an additional drawing of a donkey.

This particular copy is "Q".

It has the wacky, 'bill cosby' sweater design on the spine.

Condition: FINE/FINE

Price: $450

In a few days, I'll be listing this on eBay for more.
Wanted to give everyone here, first chance.

Makes me wish I hadn't already bought it... for $750... when the Aussie dollar was 25% weaker... oh crap.

Someone will get a bargain.
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