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Hello, new here!

I have just read a poem called "neither Shakespeare or Mickey Spillane" and in the poem Bukowski mentions writing Detective and Aviator stories for Magazines. Is it true? Could you tell me where to find those, I mean, in what collection and names? I love those type of stories. And Bukowski writing about aviation must be something.

Anyway, thank you!
Bukowski mentions writing Detective and Aviator stories
Read that paragraph again: He doesn't say, that he actually did write this sort of stories, but he's imagining to write them and being payed for it when he was young (in his 20s).

On the other hand, there would have been a kind of "aviation"-stories by the very young teenage Bukowski: About a German WWI-pilot, like Baron Richthoven. He's saying in "Ham On Rye" that he wrote this as a kid, but of course, those stories are gone forever.

If you're into Detective-stories and don't mind a little alien-action interspersed: Go for his last novel "Pulp".
You're right. Thanks for the answer.

Yes, I'm waiting for my copy of Pulp and Women that was delayed due to all that is happening. Too bad he didn't write Aviation and more Noir-ish stories, meaning, stories beyond gutter, bums, and women—meaning, genre-esque stories. I can't wait for Pulp. From what I've read it is a little different from what Bukowski usually wrote.

By the way, as a side note, that's a fantastic poem even though I did thoroughly read it at first. There's something about it...
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