Bukowski film: "The Killers"? (1 Viewer)

I'm brand new here, and i got a quest if someone here have seen the Bukowski film The Killers. I've been looking for it on net, but no response.

Thanks :)
Unfortunately Netflix doesn't have it - except for the 60's crime-noir collection of (2) movies based on Hemingway's short story.

You never know what else will come up...maybe we should stop searching any further - we might find out, he was attending parties with Ronald Reagan???
How did Americans elect Reagan, and TWO Bushes, one of them twice..

Sorry, that wasn't fair, every country has its embarrassing mistakes..
If you can believe it - even Reagan wouldn't be elected for the Republican ticket in this era. He would be considered too moderate!
Why? They offer deregulation of anything that affects the big business and banking. Also oppose organized labor. They appeal to christian-conservatives with the anti-abortion, and to conservative white man with the liberal gun laws...etc.
Just re-read the Cooney letters and found some correspondence about this movie.

Sent an e-mail to the director Patrick Roth and asked for a copy.

Let's see if he will response.....
This movie somehow slipped under my radar.
It's there at IMDb :abge:.
I'm delighted to see that Anne Ramsey (Danny DeVito's mom from Throw Momma from the Train :DD) is in the cast of The Killers.

I keep my fingers crossed for you, Petey.
I'm delighted to see that Anne Ramsey (Danny DeVito's mom from Throw Momma from the Train :DD) is in the cast of The Killers.

Um, Zobraks...don't you mean, Anne Ramsey -- a.k.a. Mama Fratelli from The Goonies (& t-shirts & internet memes the world over)?
I guess more people know her from there (The Goonies being a "cult movie" and much more popular film), but I still prefer her role in DeVito's movie.

P.S. What's a meme? :DD
Now I remember. It's one of them ponies people molest by writing witty stuff on them:

meme pony.jpg
not sure what this means, but i just stumbled upon this...

It took me a lot of time to recognize Jack Kehoe (of The Sting fame) and inimitable Susan Tyrrell (just check her site).
Btw, that's the same lady that featured (with Ben Gazzara) in one of the first scenes of Marco Ferreri's film Storie di ordinaria follia (Tales of Ordinary Madness), based on Bukowski's stories.

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