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I can imagine, this clip has already been mentioned.
Charles Bukowski's reading,...his "Thank you!", in Hamburg,...1978.
I also imagine, that being 'in German', it scares many away.
Most of the clip, Bukowski's reading, as well; is actually in English.
...with german translators talking 'over' some of Bukowski's reading.
(The first 10 minutes,..🤔, IS a bit,...German. 😏)
It's still really understandible, for 'the Anglo ear'.

Besides a great selection of Bukowski read Poems,
there are a couple of other sprinkles. (☺️)

1. The reading was sponsors and organized by Evangelische Pastor(!) Paul Schulz.

2. Some hecklers really gave Bukowski a hard time(!).
....questioning him during the reading about how much he was getting paid.

3. What I really like, is the insight Charles Bukowski gives, at the end of the film.
At about the 40 minute mark, he talks about 'his performance' and 'the Show'.

If you haven't already, sit thru the 'Deutsch' (🙃). and enjoy some great Charles Bukowski!

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