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Saw a Bukowski poem as a short film ,concerning a visit to the dentist (Sorry can't remember which book it is in.."Last Night of the earth" ?)This film short was on english tv, maybe Ch 4, some years back..it was truely well made, if I can trust my memory..true to the style of the poem. Do any of you fine folk know what it was I saw? Cannot find a trace of it anywhere..Thanking you. Tom
I believe you're talking about the short film, "Horseshoe", about an old guy visiting his dentist. The film is included as bonus material on the "Factotum" DVD, and the poem it's based on is in the poem/short story collection, "Septuagenarian Stew".
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Thanks Bukfan for directing me to it's whereabouts..Much appreciation, will hit amazon for the DVD. Have a good one. Tom

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