Bukowski prize for Literature...

So, anyway, a Bukowski prize for literature, whaddaya reckon?

Imagine some CURRENTLY outta-worker - a lowly shoveler of shit in some hilarious locale with a burgeoning Bukowski-esque talent - who can really tell a good story. Someone spurned by the mainstream. Someone who could then leave shit shoveling aside and quit the convent or brothel district or construction site (just for a while) and use the prize money to put out a 'Post Office' (metaphorically speaking) of his own.


Ok. Let's have a contest. Is it limited to already published writers or people who contribute here?

Father Luke

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Imagine some CURRENTLY outta-worker... who could then leave shit shoveling aside and ... use the prize money to put out a 'Post Office' (metaphorically speaking) of his own.
These types of awards are already out there. The Mildred and Harold Strauss
award for instance.

Short of that, there isn't any law anywhere which I'm aware of that will
stop anyone from making any kind of award they want to make in this life.

Where I come from, if you want something done, then you do it. That
includes if you see something lacking it's up to you to supply it.

So it's like that, you see. . .
... because every Bukowski needs a John Martin.

So (seriously now) - all joking aside - in a parallel world, one where existed a Buk Prize for Lit, if you, as one who has spent many years I presume, as a literate fan of the man, could peer into this world, what would you expect to be the profile of a Bukowski Lit. candidate? Apart from the obvious - a clear and evident gift as a writer.



Submit your stuff here (I think) and the group will vote.

Votes will be tallied, as always, by Father Luke.

I will donate 3 Bukowski items to the eventual winner.

I will not take part.

There. It's done.

hank solo

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Okay, let me say it: - Please DON'T post any writing here. This is a forum for the discussion of the life and works of Charles Bukowski. Anyone who really must post A SINGLE EXAMPLE OF THEIR OWN WRITING should please see the Would You Suggest Writing as a Career? thread.

As to the MULLINAX 'BUKOWSKI PRIZE FOR LITERATURE' - well MULLINAX feel free to set up your own forum and administer your award as you see fit. Maybe try your hand on wordpress.com. Then by all means post an announcement in the All things *not* Bukowski section.

Father Luke - by the power of Grey Skull you are hereby absolved of any responsibility.
Good Ending....

Good ending......

thanks -Hank-solo...

The discussion was only about the 'Concept' of the idea not about anyone's potential writing in this forum. The 'Concept' of a 'Buk award' would be for serious writers of the World.......


Guess I'm just a romantic at heart....

"There's a Blue Bird in me that's trying to get out........"

Keep smiling guys... keep smiling!:D:):D


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Writing and art prizes - I don't get that entire subculture. Maybe it seems natural to those who are a part of it. From the outside it looks like a game of duck, duck, gray duck around an academic campfire.

Anyway, if a Bukowski award for literature were to be established, it would have to be established by the people who control the Bukowski name as it's used in the lit world (i.e., Linda B. and/or HarperCollins).

To my mind, Bukowski significantly changed the way poetry was written. A prize in his honor should go to someone who achieves something similar. Such a prize would be given out very infrequently. ;)


The idea of micro-grants is interesting though. This guy gives out $200 - $300 grants (based on one night of his tips working as a waiter), which is a pretty cool idea. It's not Nobel-Prize-change-your-life kind of money, but any check is a good check as far as I can tell.

Establishing and managing something like that requires real world commitment though. As Father Luke's "just do it" suggestion illustrates, talking about it in a forum is one thing, actually making it happen is something else. If you are passionate about a Bukowski prize, start it up. Use his name with impunity and let HC/Ecco sue you. ;) Spit in the face of the literary establishment!

We all do our own thing to subvert the status quo. Or we don't.
We all do our own thing to subvert the status quo. Or we don't.

Good Answer mjp.......

I'll have a look in me biscuit tin....... see what I can Rustle up....

'The Bukowski Prize for outsider literature' Worth five English Pounds.

Thanks Mucca's!

Thanks Father Luke....
That looks like a great start...
and good Poetry!

I'll be reading more of that!


Oh, man, this Barrett guy is great! Serious stuff laced with humour.

SIDE NOTE: I never thought you could just walk into a public establishment in Salt Lake "This is The Place" City and get booze right away. I thought they had "set-ups" and "private clubs". Maybe Father Luke knows more about this stuff from a previous life? I defer to Father Luke in all things.