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I stumbled over an ad on Facebook saying two actors will read Bukowski poems accompanied by two musicians in a café in Denmark Oct. 4 - 8. The title for the reading is, "Late Night Bukowski". It looks like Bukowski is receiving more and more recognition all over the world.

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What an amusing coincidence. I'll be "Reading" Bukowski in Philly tonight, maybe on the living room sofa, maybe at the kitchen table. I will be accompanied by the wife giving my son ukulele lessons in the dining room. PM me your favorite poems (or other pieces!) and maybe I'll do 'em. No admission fee to my house but the hat will go around, BYOB....Wait a minute. That sounds like I'm serious. I'm not, about the come on over part....unless you bring drinks. I'm a whore for free drinks. I'm having chicken for dinner so I prefer white but I won't turn down red, fyi. Thanks in advance.
Here in the badlands, I'll have to settle for propping up this postcard I have of Bukowski in front of, let's say, my new BoSP book...and sit waiting patiently to hear Buk's take on the poems.

No one is invited, not even me. I wouldn't be caught dead keeping my own company.

Also, if asked, I will deny this has ever happened.

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