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Bukowski specials from Holland (1 Viewer)

Dear Bukowski fans,

The Dutch importer of Black Sparrow Press was also a collector and thanks to John Martin of Black Sparrow Press and lots of exhibitions there were some special coproductions of New Years Greetings, original paintings, photo’s and lots of other goodies around in Holland. The main collection is in the University Library in Amsterdam but a real collector has always some goodies in a box.

There is a new Dutch publisher reprinting all the main Bukowski titles and to help promote it there is a very nice auction of Bukowksi with goodies from the secret box, Paintings, manuscripts, photo’s and signed first editions, some with a painting or silkscreen. Lot of New Years Greetings. This auction is also a compliment to Barbara Martin who designed all the Black Sparrow Press publications!

You can look for the auction here: Charles Bukowski auction



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