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In 1983 Leo Mailman with Maelstrom Press, relocated to Cape Elizabeth, Maine, produced a chapbook. One part was written by me, Chuck Taylor, called "Drinking in a Dry County." The other part was written by California poet Steve Richman, now deceased, called "Charlene Rubinski by Gretchen Willis as told to Steve Richman." I think Steve had great fun turning the Buk into a female character. The two of them were close. Anyone interested should contact me as
something happened on my post about Bukowski turned into a woman and I did not give my address, [email protected]. Steve Richmond was famous for his gigago (sp?) poems, many of which he wrote on drugs, because of or nevertheless they are fine poems except for the overwhelming number of them. I wrote Steve and he sent me a short postcard saying my poems in the chap were "fine work." That was my only contact with him.
Steve Richmond was famous for his gigago (sp?) poems
You mean gagaku, right?

Sorry about the incorrect spelling. There used to be an article on the Web about Steve but last time I check it was gone. Great to know there's a collection.

Richmond, right. Spelled correctly on the 53 page chapbook. How is Leo Mailman doing? Never met any of these guys living poor in Texas.

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