Bukowski material up for auction at PBA Galleries 13 June (1 Viewer)

One more thing - a question to the experts and collectors:
(ya'll know, I've a special interest in MM-items) - Am I right, that This One - [Lot 143 - Shakespeare Never Did This - 3 different issues] went way to cheap? (180 USD)

I thought that the included 'First hardcover issue, black cloth, pictorial jacket. 1 of 300 copies. [Krumhansl 69b]' alone would be worth about 250 USD. Or am I too much in favor of MM here to be realistic? What would be a reasonable price?
Roni, I paid $80 for the 1 of 300 first hardcover a few months back. Not the best of copies out there, but I couldn't say no at that price.

P.S.: Thank god for your internet troubles, you could have cost me money there! :)

That was YOU????????

You damn bastard! I'll NEVER call or consider you a friend again.

Instead, I'll send my Sicilian and Romanian friends abroad to take care of you! (They'll do it VERY slowly, while you're awake all the time!)
They'll even sing Justin Bieber songs to you! HA! Take that you fucking SPHINCTER!

Or worse: They'll make you watch '2001 A Space Odyssey' over and over again! Without letting you fall asleep! No way out baby! You'll see this at least 5 or 6 times till your skin will leave your bones and your brain will sink down to your liver while the shit in your guts will rise to the (now empty) head!
I thought that the included 'First hardcover issue, black cloth, pictorial jacket. 1 of 300 copies. [Krumhansl 69b]' alone would be worth about 250 USD.
It may have had to do with the way they buried the best part of the lot in the picture. You couldn't even see it.

They did a bad job on a lot of the pictures. As if the online bidders weren't important. Not a smart move, but no one ever claimed that auction houses were run by geniuses.
My tough guy attitude is only to cover my tears about this lost deal. But to be fair: it's better you got it that cheap than a bigging war with me after which you'd get it anyway, but much more expensive. So congrats (in a way).

I'd still like to get a copy of that Justin Bieber bootleg you recorded 3 years ago. Deal?
My guess is that some dealer will buy this set to break it up and sell the issues for $20-$30 a pop, more for signed by Bukowski ones...
Unless someone who isn't a dealer gets them. Like, oh, I dunno, me.


Bill's already got the list of signed copies, but I will almost certainly have some duplicates and extra stuff to get rid of after he gets what he wants and the dust settles. I will post here, of course, before going to eBay.
An all-around happy ending...

I have a copy of "Horses Don't Bet on People..." and on the first page/poem (Dog Fight) there is a Bukowski signature. Do you know if that's just a mimeograph signature that's on all the copies? It looks like it, but I just want to be sure.
The new display for 'large' pictures on the website sucks though.

They've changed another nice feature with their new bad website: You can't get the prices realized at older auctions anymore. So, if you'd like to know, say, what 'Flower Fist' brought in the auction of Apr. 2008, you'll look into a blank screen.

(have found it here now, took me some time, came up with $7,800 - but was this with or without buyers premium?)

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