Bunch of Bukowski Books for Sale


Many of the items have found a new home. I still have a bunch left, but will either list it on ebay, or hold on to them for a bit. Anyone still interested can certainly contact me. The last list is pretty accurate, except that all of the Lou Webb watercolors sold.

It should be noted that the money raised from this sale will go to a good cause. I am using it to buy supplies for Bottle #6 and also for upcoming BoSP books, so I'm turing these old books into new books.....




"Advice for some young man" is available but "The Word" is gone.

Postage is $2 in the US and I can take Paypal payment or a check can be mailed. I can be reached at bill@bospress.net, which is also my paypal id.



... why I'm an ass sometimes...


Sorry for the delay in getting these out... I should have sent them earlier, but had issues, of which no one needs to hear as they are excuses and not anyone else's issues.

The good news is that all of the packages went out today. Those on the East Coast of the US should get them on Saturday. Those in Europe should see them in 5 days. They were all packed well and sent Priority or Airmail.

I need to get better at shipping these out seeing as you all were timely on paying for them.

Again, my apologies.


p.s. I figured that since the posting was on the forum and open to the public it was best to throw myself under the train in public.....

p.p.s If, once you get these, it looks like you overpaid postage, please let me know the amount and I'll refund the difference. It is very hard to estimate overseas shipping anymore. The Post Office has made it very, very tough and I do not like taking more in postage than I pay out....


Sad Flower in the Sand
Thanks for the update Bill. Honestly... I woulda probably taken the loss as a donation to Bottle of Smoke, especially because I just realized that I own the Dan Fante piece you published. Its beautiful!

Father Luke

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You can't see mine from the street,
I'm four floors up,
but the maids look at it when they come
in to change the sheets.


And I just love it.

Thank you Bill.

- -
Father Luke
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