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Is there a reference, here or somewhere on the interwebs, with pics of the insides of these rare pieces? I've seen the rather mundane covers, and of course the colophon pic of Cornered in Krumhansl, but have never seen the poems. Well, I did see a copy of Red at Baroque, and Cornered at Ed Smith's Ojai shop, but that was about 18 years ago (oy, vey).
Of all the Buk stuff out there, these and the chapbooks Scarlet and You Kissed Lilly are the most elusively appealing to me.
Oh, and I did do a search, but since the titles include fairly common words, the results were overwhelming.
Scarlet and You Kissed Lilly are both relatively common, at least compared to the 3 Burn Again Press titles. They were not chapbooks but hardbound short run books.

I have scans of the covers for them up at collectingbukowski.com but not the guts. I've never personally held any of the Burn Again titles in my hands, though I know that there are at least a couple of members here who have them (hint hint).
I'll try to post some pics here tonight of the two I have.
It might be a bit of an anticlimax though; the insides are as conservative as the outsides.

I can tell you they smell very nice though.
Red & This title and first page.


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