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How about you name your price for the trade edition of Ham on Rye and we do a deal to ease you into the process?!

Just to make things clear why selling at bukowski.net is the best intial option. Or as Father Luke calls it 'eBuk'.

Dealers have to buy so they can not only sell at a higher price but must also consider the holding costs (of having money invested in books). I am happy to pay 'almost' dealer price - therefore you get to keep most of the dealer premium.

Auction houses are a good option however you are reliant on the bidders of the day. This can result in excellent or mediocre results - depends on the day. You can protect yourself with a reserve but then you are back to square one. Also, say I am willing to pay US$300 for a book. I will pay that to a dealer or an auction house. However, the auction house will charge both you and I a premium of around 20% each. Therefore, I will only bid around $255 at auction as I have to add the premium. That means you will only receive $255 less your premium ... and so on ...

As a lawyer myself (please don't think badly of me) I think leaving instructions is an excellent idea.

Good luck with the process ... now how about that Ham on Rye ... you'll still have a copy ...



Usually wrong.
Hi Bill;
I would say that as a rule, non celebrity inscriptions are not the best, but that being said, I think that we all would love to own a Buk book inscribed to JM, so association is extremely important. If I were the one selling this book, I'd mention the association and really make an issue of it. People need to know why the inscription is important. Plus, on ebay, it is very hit or miss. This book could sell for $600 or it could sell for $250. Just hard to tell....

I agree with Bill Roberts. You need to really explain and stress the association on the inscription, in detail, and I think it should help the value. And, like he says, eBay is hit or miss. Stuff that should go high goes cheap, and vice versa. It's a crap shoot. And Bill W., thanks for your part in making Buk a commercial success.

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