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I haven't created an artists' book since 2008. Can that be right? Omg, it is.

The last edition I made was Horsebucket. After that, I suppose I left it up to Chance Press and Bottle of Smoke to take up the slack, but way back when, I originally planned on making my own editions every two to three years.

What happened?

All would have gone as planned with this latest one, but I put it on the back burner in hopes I would win the Library Fellows Award from the NMWA, but I didn't, in which case I would have had to make an edition of 125 books. I would've also had to have changed the book quite a bit making that many, of course.

I had to wait a lot longer to find out the results than I thought I had. I guess I had a pretty large head thinking I had a good chance of winning, but I figured since I already had an artist's book in their collection, I thought I had a pretty good shot. Too bad, and back to the drawing board.

After I found out that I didn't win, I had to tend to some other things, like the drawings for the new Neil Farber | Carol Es book for Chance Press, and then a small body of paintings that those drawings allowed me to be able to create by the way. THEN, I was finally able to work on the book I am nearly done with: Houses.

SO, I thought I would post the colophon so you guys could see what I've been up to. It should be ready for sale at the beginning of the fall, with a tentative price somewhere between $700-$950. The edition is eight, the smallest edition I've ever made, but only five will be for sale.


And here is one of the pages (the embroidered one) that I'm not even half way done with, to show off for good measure:


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