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Tonight, Bukowski's translator and friend CARL WEISSNER is giving a reading in Mannheim, Germany.

I'm pretty sure, this will be exciting. I can't imagine many people to give a DECENT Bukowski-reading, without exeggaration or 'acting-like-Bukowski'-crap. Weissner is the guy for a decent reading.

I won't be able to be there. But our dear Maik, aka 'Pete the owl' is going.

So, hopefully, he'll tell us a bit about it tomorrow.
It was really a great evening, Weissner read with heart and with soul !
And I was in luck to met him a few hours before the event started, so that we were able to talk about Hank.
The reading later on was totally sold out, lots of young people and almost the half were
female !
Before Weissner went on the stage some pictures from Bukowski were shown on a screen as an introduction. Most of the pics I never seen before maybe they were from the Montfort estate?
When Weissner finished the poems and letters, the german Bukowski documentary " I am still here " from Thomas Schmitt was shown to the crowd.
I drove almost 500 miles for this event by car but it was worth every fucking cent.
Really a perfect evening and my conclusion:

Bukowski is still alive !

Some pics will follow later on.

Here we go ladies and gents:

Any questions ? don't hesitate to ask !


Carl Weissner and me


Advertising space


the audience


the reading


Thanks, Roni! - They sure had a big collection of Buk books for sale. I'll bet Germany have the most non-English Buk books for sale of any country.

I liked the "truck screen". :D

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