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...and why I don't like [...] cover songs and interpretations and remixes and the endless amount of other non-creative "creativity" covering the world.
If the jazz world hadn't turned the Broadway songbook from little more than a load of sappy drivel into something not only listenable, but actually groundbreaking, we'd probably all be discussing this wearing bowler hats.


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If the jazz world hadn't turned the Broadway songbook [...] into something [...] groundbreaking...
Transformation isn't the same as translation. If that's your point.

Which it may not be, but I don't know anything about jazz or Broadway, so there's that.
One could argue that many of those jazz standards, especially the earlier versions, are covers, and certainly are interpretations, of Tin Pan Alley stuff, was my point.
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To be exact, this applies to every experience, not only reading. If you and I are standing together, looking at an appartment at DeLongpre, we are not seeing the same thing.

fundamental truth.

/skips boring personal story
There is a quote I once read. It was "mutual experience, separate conclusion." Two people go to a movie. One person says, "man that movie was great." The other person says, "God, that movie sucked." Mutual experience, separate conclusion. Its so true that we all draw our own conclusions from the things we experience. The view of Buk's old place on De Longpre looks different to all who view it. Translation obvious work to some extent and let's be glad we have them. Think of some of the ancient Chinese text that were translated that held profound wisdom.

One thing is for darn sure for a practical basis. It sure is great that Carl existed and did what he did or our main Dude, Buk, would not have enjoyed the success and cash he so badly needed and deserved.

I'm re-reading Living on Luck so I'm focused on Buk's daily life back in the day and how the German people "gave" Buk the big money to break him out his constant hard times.

Now we all know that mjp can read german. Isn't that what he said?
What posessed you to change your avatar or image to Nipsy Russle. Didn't you used to have a cool Buk drawing as your image? I'm sure you remember the "Devil made me do it" guy. My man Flip Wilson.
Some cool photos of Carl Weissner I just found on eBay, taken during a trip of Allen De Loach to Mannheim, 1971.

yeah, right. esp pic #2 has something of a Paris-in-May-1968-revolutionary student: existentialist, intellectual, angry, artsy, ready to throw a stone at a cop.
Today is Carl Weissner's 80th birthday.

Last month a German book with his essays was published, three of which about Buk.
Much recommended for the German-speaking crowd here [!5679832/]

Btw., barely anybody knows, that his real name was "Wießner". The punchline being, that if an American is pronouncing the word "Weissner" as it's spelled, it does sound like "Wießner" in German.

I once made a snapshot of his mailbox in Mannheim:


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