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Ok, so I logged on and saw this message at the top of the screen: "Hey Jack Tilt, we're glad you're here and all, but you haven't said anything in over two weeks. Make a post. Tell us what (or who) you had for dinner. Make an ass of yourself somehow, you know how to do that. Jump back in the water, all the other freaks miss you."

But I couldn't think of anything to say, and my last topic failed miserably. In fact, I tried to salvage the thread and that failed miserably as well. So now I'm just going to attach a cartoon about Buk. I made a few more of these in case the message appears again :)

PS - Was anyone else offended by the ending of the movie of Carver's Short Cuts? Saw it last night and they really ruined the baker story... anyway, otherwise a great film...


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It's not supposed to be. It's supposed to illicit just that response: "That's it?" I think it sums up my feelings about life pretty thoroughly :)

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