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Dogs, birds, women ,sun, little man W/ the bottle...Do any of you know where I might find a cat doodle by Buk?
Good question! With Buk's love for cats he should've made some cat doodles but I don't recall having seen any.
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They always seemed interchangeable to me, and I always thought of the one below as a cat for sure.



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No way....

for the record, I always ALWAYS assumed he was sketching little Scottish Terrier-looking doggies....


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Dogs are easier to drawn than cats. It may have been out of respect for cats because a remedial cat drawing looks like crap or a little Scottish Terrier.
Well, OK then... I'll search on. I swear that somewhere I saw a definite cat doodle. Dogs and cats interchangable? Oh c'mon now, my cat feels insulted.
Seems to me, Buk always wrote much more about cats. Yes, I know, he mentioned dogs a million times. But it seems, he mentioned cats 10 million times! I still think of the pic from Me and Your Sometimes Love Poems a cat, please don't take that away from me!
maybe the animals on the right are supposed to be cats? they ARE smaller than the dog on the left...


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I'm in the same boat as Black Swan and ROC, when I was younger I thought all dogs were males and all cats were females. But I guess that info doesn't really help in your search for a cat doodle...
None of these little dogs looks anything close to a cat.
Hank would do better.

I agree, that it is strange, there don't seem to be any, given his love for cats.
Thanks for the scan james, but I also think that they are little dogs. I still believe that I have seen a drawing of a cat somewhere. and If I'm not imagining things, I remember noticing whiskers on it. But then again I might have been hallucinating it all. I'll keep looking. You know, looking for hallucinations..:cool:
I've known dogs with more style than men and cats have it in abundance...
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Please, won't you ever compare jazz with rockabilly in any context again. Dogs are loyal while for cats, you're the bin opener living in their territory.
Sorry but I think jazz & rockabilly are great music-and dogs are blithering idiots and cats are cool.

People say dogs are more like people but unless your friends drool on you, (that would be ice skating porn stars friends) your friends act more like cats.
Dogs are like their owners. My dogs only drool when they are very hungry and anticipate their dinner. Cats are too selfish , although I like cats. Dogs always like you more.
Well, I have no friends because I'm too selfish to be a dog though I like cats though they're not friends and pee onto my jacket, but jazz is completely awesome and rockabilly is music for budgies, which, you know, get eaten by cats.
Dogs are like their owners.

reminds me of the following joke:

The've made an experiment with three dogs to prove, that dogs are like their owners.

- owner of dog #1: an architect
- owner of dog #2: a math-teacher
- owner of dog #3: an actor

All three dogs get a bunch of bones in front of them. All of them proved the theory. Here's what they did:

Dog #1 took the bones and built a house with them.
Dog #2 layed down the bones in a pattern that proved the sentence of Pythagoras
Dog #3, the dog of the actor:
he ate all of his bones
then he ate all the bones of the other dogs
then he fucked both other dogs
and then he asked, if he can go home now.

(well, maybe you need to be in the film-business to find that funny, but you get the drift.)

Oh man, that article was priceless! I found one of the users comments below the story just as entertaining:

Anyway, when it comes to ratting out cats, dogs are such tattle-tales, sucking up to "the Man" to get a treat from their "Master"! No self-respecting cat would ever rat out a dog; it's called integrity, folks, and it's all about standing up for a fellow four-legger, whether feline or canine. Guess that kind of thinking is passe' nowadays.

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