Charles Bukowski's Take On Presidents

I know two laywers, both poets that have spend decades helping the poor to right wrongs, many times at their own cost. One of them is on this very forum. I can say that there are some great laywers that practice law to help those that need help, sometimes at great cost to them financially and personally....
I believe what you say is true. I also think it's blasphomous to write such thoughts on a Bukowski forum;)
2 more cents ,

jesus , i can't believe you guys really jumped on this lawyer thing so heavily. everyone is (i guess) in it somehow for the money - but to believe that most humans just want cash above all consideration for the welfare of humanity - i don't want to think that. maybe i am just stupid and will remain so no matter what anyone says. at least with a lawyer - you pay him and he's on your side as long as you can pay him or her or it or whatever. "send lawyers guns and money - the shit has hit the fan..." to quote warren zevon. well i just want to name one politician and i want someone to explain how he was corrupt. it was the first one i ever voted for - back way back when - Jimmy Carter. he is a good man. he was a good president. life is insane, i know that, but there are good people out there trying to make it better. and anyway - i did know a lawyer - and he did help me out of a jam - and he didnt try to extract the money i owed him with some kind of crowbar device - i actually think i ended up never paying him off - i was the bad one. anyway - forgive me, dan (his name) - i am trying to be better - a better human - if that is at all possible in this nothing bullshit world.

thanks for the time.
I know a lawyer, that would take cases from people in need and then when they offered him money that they could not afford, he told them to take the money and buy the kids school clothes. He said that as long as they showed him that the money was used for the kids, that he would not charge them. She had a drinking peoblem and did not want the money to go to herself, while the kids had no decent clothes....

He also refused to take cases from very wealthy people that belittled the people that worked for him.

I don't like most lawyers (Shit, I don;t like most people), but there are a few great ones out there..

For those that love the old movies and balck and white, I agree. All lawyers are crooks...

See. I'm like a politician. Riding both sides of that fence!


I may be too naive,
(Or too optimitstic, but I'm getting old (as we all tend to do) for that)
But I Still Think
An honest man (/woman-Hillary?!) can become President.

Oh it's good
(and life-saving)
To live in an ideal world :)
They do enough little things that are "acceptable politics," but would be considered more than likely corrupt (pork barrel legislation, etc.).
My wife worked as a legal secretary for 20 years so she's probably met more lawyers than most people on the board. She has a pretty low opinion of them. It does not seem like a profession that attracts the best of people but then I guess that could be said of doctors, too.


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yea until you need one
AHAHAHAHAHHAH yes, indeed, you are correct sir.
truer words were never spoken.
It's a little ironic too because I just lost my get out of jail free card and spent seventeen hours in a regional jail. LOL
i stand corrected, attourneys are a blessing.
God, this thread got boring way before I found out if the question, 'Did Buk vote?' was answered.
I'm always looking for excuses not to vote, Spalding gray said he never did; that did it for me thorugh my college years, now I could use another prop up.
Is your purpose on this forum to insult people and throw out meaningless replies? As if the fact that black and white movies are actually grey really shows us all how smart you are?

Anyone interested, look up the string of useless quips, smart comments and etc that add nothing to the dialogue. This seems to be a guy (or girl) that just likes to stir up trouble on forums....


p.s. Why does no one on this or any other forum ever use their names?


I am not afraid to say or write what I feel or stir up trouble as it often makes people think -- sorry it upset you -- If you wish I will resign from this forum, just let me know your decision as I am easy.
Hi Grayxray,
It is not my forum to judge. I was just making a comment. mjp is the owner of this great forum.

I use my real name!
So, was Buk a registered voter/did he vote, do we know? If this was already covered here I missed it wading through the mixture of interesting information and bitch-slapping which reminds me overmuch of the Dallas New Mommies forum I used to be on. Lots of big hair Baptists.


Who Cares?

Why would you care if he voted? To say the least he did not like authority. Are you using Buk to try to justify your political leanings? Buk as Buk, enough said!
thanks, mjp for satisfying my newbie curiosity.

grayxray, i dont care for your tone too much, first time someone has given me a hard time for my curiosity and interest.
I was just thinking about how the arts and politics do have a partnership. Where would half the artists be without the endowments for the arts, and the politicians that let a woman pour chocolate sauce all over her body, roll in alfalfa sprouts and call herself sperm? and get paid over a million to do so?
What were the National Endowment for the Arts giving when Buk was writing? Did guys like Buk even think of a grant or anysort of monetary supplemental income from the government?


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In fact, he was given $5,000 by the NEA in the early 70's. There's a letter re. this in the unpublished/uncollected forum.


You are the one that said the board is boring.

grayxray, i dont care for your tone too much, first time someone has given me a hard time for my curiosity and interest.
You are one one that said the board was boring


You talking about dermaface or grayxray? ;)
I am very sorry if I upset yourself. Please forgive me (at least once) I will clean up my act as I love Buk and really want to use this forum.
Moving back to his take on presidents....
I believe he must have favored Kennedy at some point. He was willing to discuss his assassination in length.
Erec . . . Election 2008

hey, poptop, damn my little girl if i didn't enjoy your post!
Aw, shucks (blush blush . . .) . . . Bukowski for President.

Chadless in Sedona, Popoff

PS. I voted for McKinley, on the Horse and Buggy ticket,
and was sorry he wasn't elected"”He was for arming mules
with tactical nuclear warheads, and I would have felt much
safer sleeping it off in the barnyard.
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You have a point. The fateful fires of damnation
are always waiting and devoid of the constraints
of rent control. Is better not to rile them to
vengeful acts during election years: the devil
with salt upon his tail of red.