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These list make me feel so old, so out of it. I did however see "One Eskimo" a couple of weeks ago. OK, big deal.....
She & Him
Imogen Heap (I just don't like LCD Soundsystem, if you do, go see him)
Gary Numan.

and pick me up a PiL shirt. ;)
Rob! No, no, say it aint so..What he heck with a dead weather partial set? They deserve a full set! Ha, maybe you've seen them live before, but if not, be prepared to be rocked out! And are you really missing Faith No More?

And if you, or anyone else can tell me, because I never found an answer, what is John Waters doing on the lineup? Unless this is not the director and the name of some new band?
I'll catch most of Dear Weather, But I gotta get to Devo. I saw The Raconteurs a couple of years ago, so I am prepared to be rocked. It's just that Devo's New material is So good. Check it out if you haven't.

I never liked FNM. Not even in the eighties, so...

And...It is the actual John Waters, I guess he does kind of a spoken word/lecture type thing.
I just talked to a guy here at work who is also going. His schedule seems a little less frantic than yours though. ;) He only really cares about 5 or 6 of the bands, and isn't going to show up before 3pm on any of the days.
Yeah, It's a lot less frantic than it seems, and I like to see a lot of the smaller bands. If I was in LA where I could see some of the lesser known acts more often, I would probably scale it way back.
Oh and Rob, no Do it, do it, you will not be disappointed! It's a money back guarantee, from Julian's camp, not me!
I've seen Claypool 3 times...and counting-each time amazing-if anyones going put him on the list to see.
You will be blown away and impressed. Ask Winona
I've seen Les with Primus.

Julian is on the To Do List.

I know it sucks to have to skip bands, but conflicts are a bitch sometimes.

P.S. I hate Faith No More!
Muse had something for you.

The recording isn't that good, so I found the same thing but at a different show. You'll get the picture.


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