Coffee House Blues: A New Literary Chapbook from Patchouli Press (1 Viewer)

I have opened up submissions for a new chapbook to be published this year.

Coffee House Blues

A literary chapbook featuring poetry, prose and non-fiction.

Why Coffee House Blues?

Nostalgia inspires the present and the future. Living life on the road, smoking cheap cigarettes, enjoying coffee in a cafe whilst writing poetry, reading novels until their pages fall out and record shopping until you have no money left for food, but that’s alright because literature and music keep you well fed anyway.

More information here -
Can we submit anything that we're planning to put into our own poetry books, or does the poem have to be exclusive to Coffee House Blues?
That's perfectly fine. That was a 'devil's advocate' question, more than anything.

The whole 'one man and his printer' style of publishing house appeals to me more than a 'faceless corporation' house.

In light of the whole payment, would it be possible that you could put in a link to my Facebook writer's page (for example), so that people can find a writer if they like their stuff?

I'll see what I can cook up for you.

Pogue Mahone

Officials say drugs may have played a part
My publicist says this sounds like a scam. You are going to make millions off my poem and I'll never see any of it. He has been my publicist for 10 years and I trust him, although I've never been published. He's awesome if anyone wants a reference.
You mean to do as they please, as long as Patchouli know that the poems are being reprinted elsewhere.

I don't mind it remaining with CHB for the time being; I'm just thinking of future ideas too.
There is no legal obligation here, people can take their poetry elsewhere if they choose, I'm an indie press not some massive corporation so I respect the author over anything here. People can do what they like with their work, it is a preference not a must but most people understand that.

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