Continuity in Fante's "Bandini" saga (1 Viewer)

I recently bought the "Bandini quartet" (all four Bandini novels in one volume) on and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I noticed that in "Wait Until Spring, Bandini" Arturo has two brothers, but in "The Road to Los Angeles" (which comes next chronologically) there is no mention of them, and he has a sister named Mona who to the best of my recollection is not mentioned in WUS,B. Is this because he never intended The Road to Los Angeles to be published, or am I completely missing something here?
Bandini is used in the same way by Fante as Chinaski is used by Buk (obviously Fante was a major influence on his writing), so essentially its an alter ego used in different novel settings

thats how I read it
The Road to Los Angeles may fit in the "Bandini Quartet" after Wait Until Spring, Bandini, but it was the first book written. In the Fante biography there are a few pages about The Road to Los Angeles, and how it was rejected so many times that Fante almost burned the manuscript.

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