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Cor! What a beauty... (1 Viewer)

Wow. They paid at least three times more than it is worth AT BEST. This is probably worth $100 for the two signatures. That would require "removal" of the signatures (I know this is blasphemous). No way in hell this is worth anything close to what was paid for it. Really, can't you get a mint copy on abe for about $300?

52 bids...there must have been a bidding war between a few of those people who are not aware of the book's real value. Problem with shit like this is now every clean copy on abe will suddenly be listed at $500.
BMYL has been solidly around $450 for a fine copy for a long time. i look from time to time to see, because it's one of my favorite BSP books... i was actually watching this auction, thinking i'd pay up to around $50 for it... i was shocked to see it get bid up so high.
Weird! A Crumb signature in itself is not that rare. $499 for starters sounds very expensive. I wonder what would be a reasonable price?

And no Paypal accepted! I wonder why?

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