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The lady who owns the bar I drink at has a signed copy of the above.
How can I find out how much it's worth.
Its in fair condition.
I've offered to buy it fom her but she won't sell it. I'm more interested in letting her know the true cost of something thats lying in a box with other books.
If it has a fair cost she may take better care of it.....or finally offer to sell it at a win/win price.

I have no idea if it's a first printing.

As a side note she also has the most beat up version of Ham on Rye I have ever seen. I swear she uses it to bathe.
depends on which one she has Jimmy. maybe one day she'll part with it. I'd probably bug her about it till she goes insane from hearing your voice. But then again, that's just me and I'm obsessed with Buk.
Well if it's just sitting in a box, I would do my best to get her to part with it. This can be easily done and I know of quite a few Bukowski collectors that would pay a pretty penny for a piece like that.

I mean, am I right or am I right?

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