Dave Alvin talks about Bukowski, Raymond Chandler, and Small Press Poets (1 Viewer)

Down near the bottom of the article, Alvin mentions some of my literary associates from Long Beach in the 1970s: Gerald Locklin, Eliot Fried (his name is misspelled in the article), Richard Lee, Bob Flanagan. I knew Dave and hung out with the same crowd of poets, but it's not like we were tight buddies. He's a good guy, and a hell of a musician. I never saw his band, The Blasters, play, and didn't even hear them on record until long after I'd left Long Beach. My favorite song of theirs is "Marie Marie," followed by "Long Black Cadillac." I only met his brother Phil once. They came out of Downey, same as The Carpenters, who I did see play several times.

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