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I'm sure some of you are familiar with Ryan Adams on this board. I'm a pretty big fan, but just found out he has two books of poetry, short stories and prose? As I was reading the reviews a couple people compared it to Bukowski's style, but that's not why I bought the book. I bought it because I'm a fan of Ryan's and just thought I'd give it a chance.

Anyone on here ever read it? I'll be digging into my copy tonight. The one's that's out is called "Infinity Blues" and a new one is set to be released in May. They're both on Akashic Books publishing.

Can't tell if that's sarcastic or sincere...Never heard of Eileen Myles, but did just read her wiki bio.
May I say for the record, Eileen Myles is a brittle cunt. Anything else I need to know about her before Google picks this up?
Hi mjp,
Good point. Yes, please change her name to E.M. That way she will not get the satisfaction of seeing that she is being talked about....

E. M. is Eileen Myles? So Eileen Myles is E. M. I see.

Eileen Myles.

She's probably not online anyway, she sounds much too important for such frivolity and folderol. I wonder if she's missing any bones in her neck?
Well now I'll have to go and cancel all the books I just ordered by Eileen from Amazon!

On another note, the Ryan Adams book is not half bad, at least the first half, which I read last night. Though it does seem to take from Bukowski's style, but for a novice like me, anytime I see poems written in the style of Buk I just figure they're ripping him off.
all you can do is roll your eyes. :rolleyes:;)

anyhoo... yeah ive read infinity blues and have just ordered hello sunshine.

i like ryans writing cause he writes like me. its a style i find accessible(obviously), which also why i like bukowski. but to be honest id read/listen/look at anything ryan adams produced.

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