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I suppose it's only polite to say hello to you all. I'm a big Bukowski fan having read the novels, many of the short stories and a bit of poetry too. I'm more into prose than poetry though, if truth be told. Always looking for new things to read in a similar vein. I've read both the Fante's, Knut Hamsun's 'Hunger', Hemingway and stuff like that. I like a good laugh as well and, being English, I do do irony :p
Welcome, from across the ocean but with a similiar sense of dry humour (I'm assuming. I also use the 'u' out of habit... I learned to spell online and used to have a bunch of English/Irish/Sheep-shagging [Welsh] friends who always used it, etc). Now I can't see well but I see the outline of what I'm thinking is a very beautiful woman in your icon? Is that you? Or do I sound like an idiot because it's someone famous? I can't see well :(
welcome, Bruno.

if that avatar is a picture of you, I'm leaving my wife. I asked my wife, she said it was ok. she seemed kind of happy.

enjoy the forum.
Don't apologise mate, I was just joshing with you anyway. I didn't really get your joke but that's probably more my fault in any case. And your English is excellent, unlike my German so I wouldn't ridicule you in anyway on that score.

But I'd be remiss if I didn't inform you that your signature is misspelled. It should read "bon't try" to be correct. Regardless, enjoy your stay!
Welcome Bruno. (Wish we had bigger avatars.) Maybe you could ... um ... uh, post a bigger pic??????


that's what I'm talking about! Glad you could join us!

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