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Don't ever leave your kids unattended :D


Good thing they know how to re-arrange things. Well, kind of... at least the binders are safe.



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It seems that all the books are still in mint condition :D
How long did it take you to find out what they were doing?

Thanks for sharing!


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well, it looks like they the good sense not to mess with the Bukowski shelves.

must be in their genes. ;)


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yep, two minutes is plenty of time for chaos. I remember it well (and miss it, sometimes). pass's too quickly. gotta love 'em. beautiful kids Abel.


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I'm afraid that whenever I get into a house that my shelves are going to look like that... both the messy and cleaned up version.

Right now, my son can only reach the "R" part of the bookcase, so that's good. The only thing I have to keep out of his hands is a 1st ed mass market of HST's Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail.

But he's already started climbing... only a matter of time. Great photos.
Thank Goodness the Bukowski shelves were not touched.

Otherwise you'd have to field questions like: "Mommy, what's a beershit?"


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