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I've heard of compensating with comfort food, but incest? Wow! When you go you go all the way.

Please, take it easy and slow down a bit. Everything is going to be okay. You could have sent a PM to Hooch, Hank, Purple, Number6 or Ambreen. Any of us would be there for you even the guy on acid.

I admit I got worried but thank goodness all of my great uncles have died.;)
We really don't feel like we're related! I do go all the way though, I know it. I've always been this way...

I wrote on Hooch's message box thingy on here. Dave is usually here for me but I don't know where he's been to lately. No biggie - I'm happier than I've been in years.

I think mine IS dying, though. Bad asbestos :(. Construction in the days of old kills, man.
The devil in your head will always justify your actions no matter how wrong.

If you have any common genetic blood relative then it's not right. Even if it feels real damn good. Of course when you write some poetry about it and the New Yorker publishes it I will look like the jerk and you'll sell some books.

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