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I saw a show last night in Israel which contained the following....

if it rings a bell, or it's bukowski's i would really appriciate it if someone will tell me more

Ignore all concepts and possibilities
Ignore beethoven, A spider, The damnation of faust
Just make it babe, make it.
A house, A car, A stomach full of beans.
Pay your taxes
and if you can't fuck, copulate.
almost right. it appears in the collection Mockingbird Wish Me Luck, and it's called

making it

ignore all possible concepts and possibilities ---
ignore Beethoven, the spider, the damnation of Faust ---
just make it, babe, make it:
a house a car a belly full of beans
pay your taxes
and if you can't fuck
make money but don't work too
hard --- make somebody else pay to
make it --- and
don't smoke too much but drink enough to
relax, and
stay off the streets
wipe your ass real good
use a lot of toilet paper
it's bad manners to let people know you shit or
could smell like it
if you weren't
wow, thanks allot

The text was shown as part of Dekka Dance by Bat Sheva ansambel in Israel,
the test was read line by line by a women (Studio recording),
while five dancers simulate the text.

i went out amazed, and in the morning my brother told me he had allmost every word written by memory.
later yesterday i have found that the text isn't the original work of mr. ohad naharin who made the Deka Dance, and even gave it a name, "Zalman ..." (and something i dont remember)

if you get the chance to see them while they tour NY you should.

thanks allot again.

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