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That Bukowski poem, "How long does love stay green (as long as the money lasts) has that been collected in anything? I have only seen that poem through this site. I love it and wonder if it is in one of his books. I have several collections of his work and it is none of the ones I have.

Any help would be appreciated.
I've never seen it anywhere else.

He sent that one to Jon Webb in Arizona (here is the letter), I assume the poems were sent as a submission to an Outsider issue that was never published (I don't think they published an Outsider in Arizona, but I could be wrong about that). Since Bukowski was already on the hook to John Martin for his next book at the time, I think the submission had to be for the magazine.

You can see that Webb didn't mark up that manuscript as much as the others, so he may not have intended to publish it. It kind of falls apart at the end there.
the Outsider issue 4/5 was "Edited and Printed, Offset Mostly, at Loujon's Desert Workshop Printery, 1009 East Elm, Tucson, Arizona USA." poem in question isn't in that issue though...
Got it.

That makes Outsider 4/5 later than I had always assumed. Had to be 1969 or 70, yeah? The Webb's history kind of falls apart in my memory once they leave New Orleans. I'll have to read the book or watch the documentary again.
yea, it's listed as the winter 1968/1969 issue, but more specifically, it says "...Loujon's address until June 15, 1969 is 1009...Arizona." so i'm guessing this was put out sometime in the winter of 1969, but before june 15th?

and funny you shoud mention watching the doc again. i'm going to new orleans tomorrow and just put it in the dvd player for my second viewing....

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