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I see the Hemingway influence, which touched
a lot of writers of the day.

People were compared to Hemingway at one time,
like they are compared to Bukowski now.

Embrace it dude. . .

Very good, Sir.
I've already printed these off, and I'm going to mount them along with the LA photos from Mat, and a copy of "The Priest and the Matador" which fell out of "Specimen '73" as soon as I opened it. That, along with the Monfort/Buk postcard from the photo gallery show, and the BSP postcard from 2001 (from the front of "I Pour a Drink and Toast Love"), that states how Black Sparrow looks forward to many years to come...

...when I get around to it. Getting a matting cutting tool and learning how to use it.
...when I get around to it. Getting a matting cutting tool and learning how to use it.

They are very easy. You'll be fine. The secret is to use a board under the one that you are cutting (scrap) and always use nice, sparp blades. You will save a ton of money doing these yourself and will be able to make your place look like a museum with all the cool stuff that you can frame and avoid filing away...

More treasure. Where did you dig these up cirerita?
One would think that he did these sometime between 1961 and 1963. The excellent poem of the same name appeared in four publications during this period.


I've seen similar styled drawings by Bukowski in the "Outsider of the Year" issue of The Outsider, edited by the Webbs from 1962.

Managed to photocopy those early issues from the local university. The magazine was in the general stacks at the time (!). Hopefully not now as there were too many geeks like me around, some willing to leave with unchecked books. These were the days before electronically marked books, exits that beep and security guards.
Wow, another bull fighting drawing! It's great. Buk certainly made a bunch of those. Amazing. He really must've loved that theme...
Thanks, cirerita!
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