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Can anyone tell me which collection this is in? I have about twenty and, having skimmed through the contents of each one earlier today, can't see that it appears in any of them.
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War all the Time. By its cover it appears to be an anthology but looking through its contents in the database it seems that the poems appear in no other "original" poetry volumes so I'm assuming this is an original collection too.
The twenty poems that comprise Horsemeat (which was a separate, but limited release in 1982 - mjp, the DB does not include Horsemeat as appearing in Horsemeat, although this title is listen in the checklist) also appear in War All the Time. This approach was not uncommon. In the Shadow of the Rose (1991) collects 33 poems that for all of Section 4 of The Last Night of the Earth Poems (1992) while Scarlet (1976) collects four poems that later appeared in Love is a Dog From Hell (1977).


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I'm assuming this is an original collection too.
There are only two anthologies, Run With the Hunted (1993) and The Pleasures of the Damned (2007).

Though as Purple Stickpin points out, sometimes Black Sparrow would publish the same poems in two (or more) titles. And almost all of the poems were published in literary magazines before being collected in the Black Sparrow books.

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don't worry Z-man - i'm sure there are some 12-14 year old posts you haven't replied to yet...

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