Factotum second time around

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  1. the more I watch Dillon as Chinaski,he does a good job,some takes better than others and I say this from having been there.having never meet the man face to face,upon his passing I felt moved,no one can bukowski like bukowski..all hail the Buk
  2. I'll certainly rewatch it.

    When Dillon narrated the poems I really do think
    they lacked the kind of wise tone the bukowski
    had. that lifted them from dull prose to some
    wise observation.

    Like I say, I'll watch it again, eventually...
  3. Well, I think if you don't compare it to the book too much it's a pretty good film. And it's pretty tough to make a movie out of a book like Factotum. And Dillon isn't all that bad. I had a stupid smirk on my face through the whole flick. I liked it.
  4. Oh shit, didn't even remember I've posted here. Weird. I must've been drunk or stoned or on some odd chemical...
    I have to disagree a little with myself which is unusual. I think Factotum has messed up stuff pretty badly. (it's playing right at the moment) Still, I like the atomosphere of the movie. Music isn't bad either. Much is wrong with the flick and I understand what you people are saying. I agree with Olaf about Dillon reading the poems. It's hard to say anyways, because I didn't know Hank personally.
    The movie is unusual and the atmosphere is kind of weird, that's why I still like it.

  5. Don't really know what I meant there. :eek:
    I should stay away from these damn forums when I drink.
  6. my favorite
    can't get any
    better comedy
    from buk like

    watched it 5x and love it
    what does jazz fit into
    any pt of bukowski ????

    he like classical not jazz
  7. I've only seen it once at the cinema. I didn't like it. I found it hard to get past Matt Dillon being so pretty. I've been putting off seeing it again. I will though. As someone else mentioned - writing in a notebook in a bar? what's that about!!!
  8. Bukfan

    Bukfan "The law is wrong; I am right" Men of Mayhem Unholy Ones

    I felt the same way when I saw it at a cinema. It was just so slow and boring. Later on I got it on DVD and then I liked it! Maybe it has to do with watching it in the privacy of your own home or maybe the fact that I now knew it was a slow film...
  9. My version doesn't have any deleted scenes...
    Got it in right now.

    Does anyone have an American version with the deleted scenes?
    If so,
    mine is going on e-bay tomorrow
    And I'll find the other.
  10. mine is R1 and has deleted scenes.
  11. hank solo

    hank solo Just practicin' steps and keepin' outta the fights Vice President First 9 Reaper Crew ROAD CAPTAIN Unholy Ones

    They should have put those scenes back into the main movie for the DVD. Their being relegated to the extras doesn't really speed the movie up.
  12. Bukfan

    Bukfan "The law is wrong; I am right" Men of Mayhem Unholy Ones

    Mine is R2 and has the deleted scenes (15 min.) plus the short story "Horseshoe".

    I wish they had kept those deleted scenes in the film. They're great scenes. There was no reason for deleting all of them...
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  13. Mine is R2 and... haven't any deleted scenes. I don't get it.
  14. Bukfan

    Bukfan "The law is wrong; I am right" Men of Mayhem Unholy Ones

    Hmm...there must be more than one R2 version then. Mine has a mainly light blue cover with a pic of Dillon, cigarette in mouth and beer in hand...
  15. Well, probably it's some shitty polish DVD and that's why i have only movie and trailer :)
    I love my country...
  16. i've seen this on cable recently...I see people's point on the slowness...the way dillon talks, kind of monotone, not much emotion (anger or otherwise). the chicks were too skinny from what I imagined in my mind...no thigh or ass really. it was watchable, but somebody could have done better, I think.
  17. I bought this film for about £2, not so much for the feature but the short film in it which is so full of Buk humour it has me rolling every time I watch it...
  18. I agree that Factotum lags in places but it does seem to grow on you after each viewing as others have pointed out. Not bad for 24 days of shooting either I say. Dillon does a pretty good job capturing Buk mannerisms and subtly, but yes the movie overall does seems to lack some spark to me. Still enjoyable enough though, Barfly too.

    And yes, if it brings new people to Buk's works then it's all gravy.
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  19. oh yeah, forgot to mention that I thought Lilli Taylor did quite well as "Jan"

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