Finally saw Factotum! (1 Viewer)

That DVD has been laying next to my TV for months. Finally put it in the player Sunday night. I enjoyed it. Maybe not the best movie, but decent acting all around. I thought maybe Dillon was reaching too hard to emulate Buk. But then I also thought perhaps the director tried too hard to make Dillon capture Buk. Some parts felt like a caricature.

But hey, it's a movie and I was entertained. And Marisa Tomei was topless.
Yes, we knew then that you would fit in.

If you like Marisa Tomei then you should find the beginning of Before the Devil Knows You're Dead to be very good.
Tomei was also looking very good in that motorcycle movie I can't think of now with Travolta, Macy, Martin whats-is-name, and some other guy I can't think of.

EDIT: It was Wild Hogs! I think.

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