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According to the N.Y. Times summer movie preview, Factotum will finally be released domestically on August 18th. The fact that it is already a selection on some international flights and was given a late August release date gives you an indication of what the production company thinks of it. Honestly, the acting is superb but it lacks a linear plot. It meanders from one scene to another which worked pretty well in the novel but does not translate very well onto a screen. Matt Dillon?s quiet performance is worth the ticket price alone, but don?t expect miracles.
It has been out on dvd for some time. I bought it 3-4 weeks ago. It`s
from Icon home entertainment, distributed by Warner home video. I ordered it from a danish web site. They did`nt have it in stock, but they got it for me in about 10 days. Whether it`s available outside the EU, I do not know. On the back cover it says: This dvd is not to be exported, re-supplied or distributed by way of trade outside the EU without a proper licence from Icon home entertainment. But I would guess that one could order it from a european dvd web site...
The cheapest price at the moment is from www.cdwow.com / www.cdwow.ie. They ship worldwide.

If you search for factotum, you won't find it, but you'll get the option to search "The Warehouse" (bottom right of results in .ie, above results in .com). Here you will find it for ?18.80 / ?13.00 / $23.74 - delivery is free.

Beware it's region 2 only.

Well, I'm from the native land of director Hamer and the film Factotum is one of the best adaptations from book to film I have ever seen.

The feel of the movie is so superbly the same feel I got from reading the actual book (wich I sadly did after seeing the film, read my post in 'the first bukowski book you read' thread for more info) and the acting, the storyline and layout is excellent.

Dillons acting is his best, better than 'Crash', of all time and the women, the bars, the bosses the city is portrayed with honesty. Just the way, I believe, that Buk himself would have wanted it.

The movie premiered in Norway early in 2005, so I'm appaled that it has not been shown in the us yet.
I've seen the movie on both the silver and TV screen now and must admit it works way better in a movie theater. Many scenes lose their effect on a small screen. Like the one were "A poem is a city" is read.

Factotum is a lot more visual than Bar Fly in this way. This is interesting because, in many ways, Buk's writing was more verbal than visual, even though he was a poet. So, for better or for worse, Factotum the movie, is trying to do something new with Buk's material, whereas Bar Fly was trying to transfer Buk's writing style to the screen. Its more verbal and therefore works better on a TV screen. I like both, in their own way.

I would advise all to see Factotum in a movie theater first, and save the DVD for later.

Love the opening scene with Chinaski chipping away at a gigantic block of ice. That sets the tone for the whole movie, doesn't it?
I saw it in the movies first and then bought the dvd. When I saw it in the movies, i was very disappointed. Bad movie, I thought. But after having seen it on dvd, I have changed my mind somewhat. I think it works better on the tv screen than in the movies. Now I think it`s an acceptable adaptation of the book - considering it`s a low budget movie and therefore had to be filmed in the same city. Matt Dillon`s version of Buk is much better than Mickey Rourke`s exaggerated version in "Barfly". On the dvd there`s 15 min. of deleted scenes as a bonus. Some of them are very funny and it`s a shame that they are deleted since the film only lasts 89 min. anyway.All in all it`s an ok movie and compared with "Tales of ordinary madness" - then it`s a masterpiece !
Bukefan said:
But after having seen it on dvd, I have changed my mind somewhat.
I'll meet you half way: I liked it better the second time I saw too. And yes, I admit it, I saw it twice at the movies. :D
Dillon was a surprise for me on this one. I think he is a good actor, but when I heard about Factotum I was genuinely horrified at the casting choice. I first watched it with hate already in my heart, which quickly dissipated into curiosity, then finally admiration by way of sheer weight of performance: his mannerisms, timing & portrayal of insecure bravado made me believe I was watching Mr. B..... A very handsome one too, no homo.
By the same token, I thought Mickey Rourke did an equally good portrayal, albeit more ham-fisted/over-acted. But Dillon wins out: I was pleasantly surprised, not to mention delighted that my own judgemental, pre-emptive ignorance was trumped by his depth & range of validity.

Also, I would bang the piss outta Lili Taylor any day of the week, crabs or not.....

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