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There's a quote all over the net, always claimed to be by Bukowski, but they NEVER give a source. Also, I always have only seen it in German language, never an English original. So, there's kind of reasonable doubt, that this quote is authentic.

I'm now trying to verify that quote. ALL HELP APPRECIATED !!!

The German version goes:
"Feminismus existiert nur um hässliche Frauen in die Gesellschaft zu integrieren."

The original would sound something like:
"Feminism / Women's lib[eration] only exists to integrate ugly women into society."

Since there's never a source given, it could be everything, from poem to prose to interview to letter. And of course, I have no clue, how literal the German translation is. If it's a Bukowski-quote at all, that is.
Doesn't strike me as how Bukowski thought...as he was always a champion of the ugly, and certainly preferred 'ugly' women to those society claimed as 'beautiful.'

And, if it is just supposed to be a joke, it's doesn't have any real style to it...which Buk's jokes always seemed to have.

I don't think it sounds like him at all...a kind of flat, blanket statement. To me it sounds more like some rube trying to pass his own thinking off as Buk's.
I couldn't pinpoint it either.

I always thought, this one was bullshit. It's to plump a cliche to be true. Someone attributed it to Bukowski and a bunch of people picked it up, because it sounded like something you could heat up about.

Has anybody in the English-speaking world ever read this quote somewhere? Does it sound familiar? It's really quite common in German.

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