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...before I go...
I'd like to see some of the young people who love Bukowski be taken under the wing by some of the experienced elders here, rather than being knocked around so much and leaving with a bad taste in their mouth.
I guess I missed all the posts asking what you would like to see.

Only assholes, irritants and idiots get "knocked around" here. If you weren't an idiot yourself, you'd realize that.
...would Harper have the rights to all his unpublished works...
The rights would be held by Fante's estate. Unless they sold them outright to Harper (and I would be surprised if that was the case), Harper likely has a book-by-book deal with the estate.
A lot of the still uncollected stuff seems to be stories just written to cash in a bit (like the film writing was), but that's not necessarily going to be true of ALL of it. Just at this point, there's not a lot left that was published but uncollected. As far as both unpublished AND uncollected? We'll have a better idea soon.
I'm working on a couple of things that sort of hinge on the UCLA collection being available, but I'm already planning a trip to LA next year (hopefully earlier than later) to check it out.

I'm the most outspokenly obsessed fan here, I think. I'm sure there's equal fans who are at least kind enough to shut up about it though.
John Fante gets a Square?

John Fante is being honored Thursday at the corner of 5th and Grand.

Thursday at 11 a.m., Los Angeles City Councilwoman Jan Perry will gather with literary activists to officially name the corner of 5th and Grand streets in downtown Los Angeles "John Fante Square."

Here is the link but where are the literary activists for Bukowski. Do we need to start lobbying for Bukowski?;)
"...event organizers Kim Cooper and Richard Schave..." - now why did I know I would see those names in there? (Along with a link to their bus tour on the page that is linked from the article.) This is very "Los Angeles" though. Commerce leads, and government follows. It's always been that way.

There's no "square" at 5th and Grand though...just a bunch of building enterances and a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Maybe they mean the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf patio.

Fante Square, conveniently located between the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, La Salsa and Panda Express!

I don't get it.

Anyway, Bunker Hill is long gone, so they couldn't name a non-existent space after him there. I guess the options were limited. But really, "Fante Square" makes DeLongpre look like the Guggenheim or something...
Interesting, I just remember Howard Stern always saying he wouldn't do the Hollywood Star thing, because they wanted something like 50K from him, then like 3K a year for upkeep? I wonder if that's true?
The celebrities (or their fan clubs or publicists) pay for their own stars, yes. As I recall, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce sells them.


Oh, here you go:

"Although begun as an effort to promote redevelopment, by the late 1960s, Hollywood Boulevard had become a haven for prostitutes and drug addicts; although the selection committee continued to exist (with a single representative from each of the four original categories), they went a decade without adding a new star. In 1978, the city of Los Angeles designated the Walk of Fame as a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument. In 1980, Johnny Grant, then a Hollywood Chamber of Commerce member, agreed to lead an effort to revive the practice, adding two new rules: honorees would be required to show up for a Walk of Fame ceremony, and they would have to pay a USD $2,500 fee to help pay for the HWOF's upkeep (this fee has since gone up to USD $25,000)."
"On Thursday at 11 a.m., Los Angeles City Councilwoman Jan Perry will gather with literary activists to officially name the corner of 5th and Grand streets in downtown Los Angeles "John Fante Square."

So that's how you turn a corner into a square!
It'll help Esotouric to sell more Fante Tours, I'm sure. And their beer sale will probably go up too:

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