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"What was wrong was never understood and what was right never lasted." For me, this says it all. I don't remember what poem it's from, but it hits home with where I am in my life right now.
I think the one that made me laugh out loud the loudest is my signature. It's from Women when he cuts his leg on the bedframe after tripping over the phonecord.

Can't choose a favorite, but a great line that pretty much sums up his vision of humanity from "The Days Run Away...":

all wax without the wick,
and we see names that once meant
like signs into ghost towns,
and only the graves are real.
"Jails, asylums and whores. These are the universities of life! I've got several degrees. Call me Mr." I've always liked that line...:D
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here is a hank solo question- bukowski short story in which he goes to see another writer who looks really young. he says something like, "he had never died before. me, i've died nine times out of ten, but i keep that last tenth cocked and loaded like a gun." ??? that's my favorite line, but i can't find the exact quotation, since i forgot where it's from.
Oh there are so many lines... I can't really choose just a single one, because it always has to go with the context -for me at least.
The best lines of all, the ones which really make me think 'oh the gods these are the lines which make me tremble' are the ones below:

'We are like roses that have never bothered to
bloom when we should have bloomed and
it is as if
the sun has become disgusted with

They are from the poem 'Finish'.
There are too many good ones to limit it, but here are 3 of my favourite;

"I resent life."

"Don't try."

"I resent death."
Tchaikovsky and I
always seem to
feel crappy
at the same
times (although he
is much better at

and Mr. Bukowski writes things many of have thought.
I am rereading Women right now and these lines put me in hysterics.

"If she was a sphinx she could have talked, if she was a stone she could have talked. I wondered when she'd get tired and leave. Even after I stopped listening it was like being battered with tiny pingpong balls."

BTW, my wife said just after I had read these lines "I have decided that I don't think he (Buk) is much of an author". So I am looking for a divorce lawyer. I think my next model (not the kind that walks down run ways) will be much newer or perhaps vintage. Something further from what I have right now. That way the memories aren't repeated.
In one of the interviews in Sunlight Here I Am, he says (I'm paraphrasing):

"I hate people. I'm lying - but believe me - it's true."

Great line...:D
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I saw it at my mother's funeral
I saw it in the garden
I saw it sliding among the bottles at the liquor store

It's not exactly the sun from the night torn mad with footsteps
I like the one from one of the stories in "Erections, Ejaculations etc." where Bukowski gets really drunk (surprise, huh?) and says:

"Vera, I'd like to jam a live codfish up your ass."
And she says something like, "Goodness, why?
And Buk says, "Oh hell, I dunno."
Would that include Ripple or Thunderbird?

"What was wrong was never understood and what was right never lasted." For me, this says it all. I don't remember what poem it's from, but it hits home with where I am in my life right now.

Something from HAM ON RYE:

"Why were you late?"
"We baptised a dog".
"You baptised a dog?"
I was born to hustle roses down the avenues of the dead.

"What matters most is how well you walk through the fire"
Beautiful line!!

FINE!!!!! You guys took mine. This is another fave, from Pulp:

"Now, I mean, it just wasn't fair. Her dress fit so tight it almost split at the seams. Too many chocolate malts. And she was on heels so high they looked like little stilts. She walked like a drunken cripple, staggering around the room. A glorious dizziness of flesh."
I know, right? I'm rereading Pulp right now, and it's just one great line after another. I love this exchange between Nicky Belane and his landlord, McKelvey:

"Swore on my mother's honor to keep it quiet."
"Your mother's honor? She's handled more turkeyneck than the corner butcher!"
"Mess with me again, McKelvey, and I'll ram your cock down a garbage disposal!" - There's a lotta funny lines in Pulp alright! :D
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A couple from Ham on Rye:

"Words weren't dull, words were things that could make your mind hum. If you read them and let yourself feel the magic, you could live without pain, with hope, no matter what happened to you."

"The life of the sane, average man was dull, worse than death. There seemed to be no
possible alternative. Education also seemed to be a trap. The little education I had allowed myself had made me more suspicious. What were doctors, lawyers, scientists? They were just men who allowed themselves to be deprived of their freedom to think and act as individuals."
Conclusion of Women

I walked into the kitchen, opened a bottle of vitamin E, 400 I.U. each, and downed several with half a glass of Perrier water. It was going to be a good night for Chinaski. The sun was slanting down through the venetian blinds, making a familiar pattern on the carpet, and the white wine was chilling in the refrigerator.
I opened the door and walked out on the porch. There was a strange cat out there. He was a huge creature, a tom, with a shining black coat and luminous yellow eyes. He wasn't frightened of me. He walked up purring and rubbed against one of my legs. I was a good guy and he knew it. Animals knew things like that. They had an instinct. I walked back inside and he followed me.
I opened him up a can of Star-Kist solid white tuna. Packed in spring water. Net wt. 7 oz.
I think you brought out something we all will agree with. I love solid white tuna, but I wouldn't rub up against his leg for any.
Thank you David for the reminder.
(sorry for only having it in french)

It is an extract from the Notes of a dirty old man where he relates his encounter with the fat girl with whom he had his first sexual experience :

la nuit où cette putasse d'un quintal cinq a arrimé son lard dans ce bar, j'étais en état d'assurer. tous autant qu'ils étaient, ils auraient calé, alors que, moi, j'étais prêt. ce n'était qu'un bloc de mauvaise graisse et question crasse, elle en tenait aussi la grosse couche. de quel cercle de l'enfer sortait-elle? qu'espérait-elle encore de l'existence? et de quelle façon avait-elle jusqu'à présent survécu? autant de questions que je ne lui ai pas posées, vu qu'on aurait pu les poser à n'importe qui dans ce bar. autant alors boire, boire jusqu'à plus soif et oeuvrer dans le dérisoire.

the night the 300 pound whore came in I was ready. nobody else was ready but I was ready. she was god awful fat all around and not very clean either. where the hell she had come from and what she wanted and how she had survived up to now was a question you could ask about any human being, and so we drank drank and laughed and I sat next to her, pressed next to her, sniffing and laughing and goading.

I think it perfectly sums up Buk's writing style and lifestyle.
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i think its from factotum where his girlfriends roomate, who walks around the house naked, says about having sex with him.
"baby, if i were the last man on earth you'd have to wait in line."
favorite line... well i thing that depends of your mood, but there are so much lines about love behavior, about life, about lush times... but the line in The Captain is Out to Lunch...

"Why are there so few interesting people? Out of the
millions, why aren't there a few? Must we continue to live
with this drab and ponderous species? Seems their only act is
Violence. They are so good at that. They truly blossom. Shit
flowers, stinking up our chance. Problem is, if I want the
lights to go on, if I want this computer repaired, if I want
to flush the toilet, buy a new tire, get a tooth pulled or my
gut cut open, I must continue to interact. I need the fuckers
for the minute necessities, even if they, themselves appall
me. And appall is a kind word"
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Fuck... my favourite Buk's line is in the translated version to spanish I and just wouldn't dare to do the translation and risk the poetic meaning, sniff :(...
From the barfly film, it goes something like:

woman "there's angels all around"
Chinaski "you really believe in that shit?"
"sure why not, the more shit you believe the more better off you are."

then he kind of stumbles around and says,

"oh it's time those fuckers came out of hiding"

I think it may be about LA. I was planning on making a banjo radio jingle of it, filming it, playing it back on a tv on the back of a stripper dressed in angel wings, taping that and entering it for some avant garde art exhibition.
I was planning on making a banjo radio jingle of it, filming it, playing it back on a tv on the back of a stripper dressed in angel wings, taping that and entering it for some avant garde art exhibition.

Do it.

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