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From a 1981 interview.




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Basically, the interviewer asks Bukowski if it's true that he praised a book by Mussolini in his first interview ever for an Italian paper. B. says, more or less: "It's true. Here in America we're taught that Mussolini is a fool and a madman. One day I was in a bookstore and I found one of his books. It was a very smart book..." Then he says that he doesn't care about politics, that he's not a communist, a fascist or an anarchist. He just wants to go his own way, without politics or God's help.
That's interesting! I never knew Buk bought and read a book by Mussolini.
Thanks a lot for the translation, cirerita!
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I like the way he thinks... y'know Will Smith got in some heat over conveying a similiar ideal about Hitler... "even Hitler thought what he was doing was right." Which I also believe to be true... people were calling him a communist, fachist, whathaveyou. Why can't people just have an opinion without being labeled something? I hate that open-minded, intelligent people are often condemened for their beliefs. But no one ever got anywhere without a little controversy. Where Will Smith got, I don't know, but the Pursuit of Happiness was a good film.

Thanks c :)
Interesting bit of info C.
Just shows one more time Buk's willingness to have an unflinching look at reality...
Well, reading a book by Mussolini is no big deal. But saying that you enjoyed it to a major Italian paper can certainly cause a stir, and that's exactly what happened.

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