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I had read Rooming House Madrigals quite a few years ago. But I was trying to read all these books in between semesters Children of Men by P.D. JAMES , BONES , BLOOD & BUTTER by Gabrille Hamilton they just didn't get me I said I need a book written by a man that's the problem. I remembered a line from a Michael Madsen Poem. "Charles Bukowski knew why a man would spit up half his lung and then light up another cigarette." ( that was my dad) I read Ham & Rye best book I've read in a long time it was just what the doctor ordered. It was great piece of History not just an autobiography what it was like growing up in the depression. Kids were just as bad back then the fight with the Gym teacher had me laughing my ass off. I believe the title is poking fun at Catcher in the Rye . I liked how it ended with the attack on Pearl Harbor I am guessing Becker got killed in the war he said he dedicated his first book to him. I thought it was ironic that he found him on the day of Pearl Habor.

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