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Charles Bukowski is the reason for my continued interest and hunger for poetry. I heard of Bukowski through a song from one of my favorite bands, "The Wonder Years." The lead singer, Dan Campbell, loves Allen Ginsburg and Charles Bukowski and seeing as he was an English major, just like myself, I trusted his judgement. I searched both of them and loved both. I read and like Buk more than Ginsburg usually, but I still have a high level of respect for both men. Bukowski stands out among other poets and their work. Bukowski is able to eloquently talk shit about people and people are stupid enough to buy it. He has a harsh, no bull shit outlook that not everyone has the privilege of seeing. Buk's outlook and mindset seem like a metronome. It swung both ways and it never changed. Seeing society in black and white was a gift and a burden. Bukowski suffered because he wore his negative goggles outside of the office, but that's how writers and intellects are. They see the world through way too honest of eyes. Honesty is a virtue and it's also a very harsh reality. Bukowski saw that and found a way to enlighten us on what that looked like.

-Hillary Middleton

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