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Was made aware of Buk around a year after i started drinking heavier, one of the people i woke up next to quoted Hank and i thought it sounded pretty relevant to the situation and bought Post Office. Haven't looked back on either since! (definitely didn't look back on the woman who quoted the man she was a cunt)

Glad i found this place, too many people i know who are avid readers always shun Bukowski and just bang on about fucking Voltaire and other writers.

Apologies for my poor grammar i've always been terrible, i look forward to reading this stuff on this page.
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That was a long time ago i was like 19 there i think, very few haircuts since then! My younger self says thanks!

In a few threads i've seen the new comers state their favourite of Hank's work, Hollywood and Women are what i always go back to.
hey Kieran, welcome to the world of all things Buk.

I personally enjoy Ham on Rye best (for novels) but hard to go wrong with Buk, ain't it?

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